Climate change is a process of changing the temperature of the and other physical properties of atmosphere. Climate change referrd due to the activity of the human.

This climate change occure due to the increase in temparature, which is caused by the human activity results green house gases as I have discussed earliar. This increasing in temparature tend to increase precipitation. There are adverse effect of climate change in different fields of nature like biodeochemicle, glacier retreat and several more prospects and all these contributes toward global warming.

If we wouldn’t take any action against these emmisions of green house gases, it will create a huge prolems like the average global temperature will rise 1.2 to 4°C by this centuary by up to 6.4°C in the worst case scenario.

The IPCC report says that even the lower limit of this equation is dangerous for us. Global sea level change for much of the last century has generally been estimated using tide gauge measurements collated over long periods of time to give a long-term average. More recently, altimeter measurements — in combination with accurately determined satellite orbits — have provided an improved measurement of global sea level change


For the further discussion about global warming we must know what the main causes are making it more dangerous. In this post I would like to discuss the main causes of this in extensive way.

The main cause of global warming is the emission of green house gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane in the atmosphere. Now question is what are the source of these gases and how they can be reduce? In this developing scenario of the world, 45% employment is based on the industries and plants which are the major source of carbon dioxide by burning of fossil fuels for the generation of electricity.

About 25% of the carbon dioxide comes from the burning of petroleum products in the engines of vehicle. This problem is even bigger in the developed countries where construction work is always in process because this needs more fuel to be burn and thus this emits a huge amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Another big reason of global warming is Methane which is more dangerous than carbon dioxide and the main source of methane is bovine flatulence, rice paddies when field are flooded the organic matter in the soil decade and this emit methane in the atmosphere.

Global warming is all about the increment in the earth’s temperature beyond the limits. The surface temperature of the earth has been increased 0.74 ± 0.18 °C in between the 20th century.

If we talk about the causes of global warming, the main cause of this gigantic problem is Green House Gases as we all studied in our school and college life. This problem is mainly because of the human actions, mainly the discharge of green house gases from smokestacks, vehicles, and burning forests, are perhaps the leading power driving the fashion.

This enormous problem creates so many impacts on us in different forms like Greenland’s ice cap, which used to contain enough ice to raise sea levels globally by so many feet, is starting to melt and could collapse suddenly. Already freshwater is percolating down, lubricating the base and making it more unstable.

This problem is increasing gradually and it seems that we are entering in the global warming century instead of 21st century. There are so many efforts have been made by the government of all the countries to control this issue but all effort seems minuscule in front of this giant problem.